Art Basel Party, Hong Kong

Everyone knows that the biggest and best bash of Art Basel is hosted by Yana and Stephen Peel on the last night. 2013’s cool offering grandstanded at Top Deck, Jumbo Kingdom, with around 1000 of the arts-crowd cognoscenti rocking the boat into the wee small hours onboard the iconic Imperial Palace-style floating restaurant in Aberdeen Harbour. As privileged party producers, Orient amped up the original rich colour of the venue with archetypal Hong Kong imagery (reproduced with the kind permission of artist Douglas Young, owner of local lifestyle brand G.O.D) to create a tapestry of backdrops and lampshades to populate the space. Our friends from Moustache, Alex and Ellis, brought their über cool Salon to the party and New York video and performance artist Kalup Linzy and Hong Kong DJs Uptown Rockers blew the house.