Informing, delighting and entertaining, always. Orient Unlimited designs and executes exhibition hall design projects of every variety in HK and China and across Asia. Led by our experienced, creative team of directors, producers, designers and manufacturers, your project is in the most talented and skilled hands, ensuring that every minute is a complete success.

Whatever the subject matter, the scale or the level of care required, expect us to exactingly meet your needs, ensuring that even the highest standards of precision are exceeded. Whether priceless, irreplaceable antiques and fossils or state-of-the-art technological exhibitions, our exhibition production company will expand the core exhibit into a comprehensive, 360-degree experience that enriches and dazzles audiences.

Taking your guests back in time or giving them a glimpse of the future

The difference between an exhibition that stays in people’s minds for years and a collection of curios is how you bind them together; at Orient Unlimited, our talent is finding that through line and magnifying it, helping visitors understand the central message of your event.

Exhibition design and production takes a deft hand and careful planning. We love stories, and we want to help you tell yours, whether that is the life (and death) of the woolly mammoth or the history of jewellery-making, we have the expertise required to make it coherent, engaging and electrifying.

An artist’s eye & a craftsman’s hands

Whether developed to explore the future of your company or to give your guests a window into the past, our exhibitions are a joy for us to make and a joy for your audience to experience.

Discuss your needs with one of our consultants and find out how we can ensure that your next event is a magnificent special occasion. Contact us today to learn more.