Sharpen your eyes to creativity illustration Orient Unlimted events production Hong Kong China

Where DO great ideas come from?

My sister used to have a German Pointer, a breed of dog whose signature ‘thing’ was to go ramrod straight from tail to nose pointing at ‘prey’. One day walking in the countryside her dog did this pointing to a rabbit off on the hill half a kilometer away. Unbeknownst to him there was another…

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Dont be afraid to throw it all away Orient Unlimited events Hong Kong

Don’t be afraid to throw it all away

Day 4 we stopped, threw out everything and went back to basics to define the perfect core idea. Recently we seem to have every project that has been in the pipeline all come to active status and require a design proposal. It has been extremely challenging and our team have been burning through the midnight…

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Hong Kong Design Institute talk Orient Unlimited

Broaden your context

The greater and more diverse your context, the greater your chances are of understanding your clients brief and providing a unique design in response. I recently had the good fortune to be invited to address (and get inspiration from) students at the Hong Kong Design Institute, where we spoke about where inspiration comes from –…

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