Stun, excite, amaze and connect. Orient Unlimited develops astonishing visual and performing arts events for private individuals and organisations. We understand the value of the first glance, approaching the stage and the gallery as a cohesive whole – a beautiful machine with all parts seamlessly working together to create something beautiful.

Intended for those iconoclasts who want to stand apart and do something new, daring and bold, our team of directors, stage managers, choreographers, sound engineers and artisans are at your disposal, working with the single-minded goal of a sculptor chiselling beauty out of potential. Other event designer companies deliver entertainment; Orient Unlimited delivers experiences.

Crafting spectacular experiences

Our show production company has helped craft some of the most moving and influential experiences seen in HK and China, engaging the mind and tugging at the heart with stunning, emotive imagery. Staging everything from off-site companion pieces to international art exhibitions, conferences and festivals and branded celebrations blending product launch with gallery opening, we have the depth and breadth of skill and creativity necessary to elicit precisely the response you require.

Working closely with stakeholders, we’ll shepherd the project from conceptualisation to opening night, bringing a jeweller’s eye for detail to the event and ensuring there’s not a hair out of place. Our clients are everyone from local philanthropists to internationally respected brands, distinguished by their demands for quality and precision that Orient Unlimited delights in fulfilling.

Helping you tell your story

Those seek the best can find it at one place in Hong Kong. Spin a narrative that engages, delights and connects with people across Asia and contact the offices of Orient Unlimited today. Speak to one of our consultants to find out how we can ensure that your next event is more than just another date on the calendar.