Where DO great ideas come from?

Sharpen your eyes to creativity illustration Orient Unlimted events production Hong Kong China

My sister used to have a German Pointer, a breed of dog whose signature ‘thing’ was to go ramrod straight from tail to nose pointing at ‘prey’. One day walking in the countryside her dog did this pointing to a rabbit off on the hill half a kilometer away. Unbeknownst to him there was another rabbit off to one side just a few feet away that he hadn’t spotted.

Great creative concepts are like that lone rabbit off to one side, just outside of your peripheral vision, but close enough that you can smell them. Hopefully.

You should never be looking off to the horizon for inspiration, inspiration is the the brief you have been given, the narrative to be communicated, the venue you are installing in, the brand DNA or the clients aspiration.

The trick is to step just left or right of that to interpret in a way that brings the subject in to sharp focus through an oblique approach, an unusual framing, a deconstruction of the core elements.

These concepts always tend to be more striking, witty, impactful because fundamentally they make sense. There is no waffle and no random content to muddy the waters.

Clients and audiences can tell the difference.